Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the Life: Wednesday Words & Photos

This is the first day this week that we stayed home all day. In some ways the day was harder, with nothing to "break it up." I was pretty tired and stressed by the time Josh got home. Bath day probably contributed to that - bathing three little boys is exhausting! I also noticed that, judging by my photos, you'd never know I was married - I keep forgetting to take any photos of Josh! By 8pm I'm so tired and ready for a few minutes of peace that I don't even think about the camera. I'll try to remember for Thursday. Here's a few snapshots of our day, and of course the Daily Pages at the end.

Morning snuggles

Breakfast - made 2 batches of banana pancakes (wheat/egg/milk-free for Avyn)

Watching Leapfrog

Our unusable garage (the door is broken and won't be fixed til next week)

Physical therapy with Debbie

Helping mommy :)

Yet more laundry. And the boys' toy vacuum, with which they have vacuumed every square inch of the house at least three times this week - I wish it actually worked!

After naptime, still a bit sleepy :)

My craft cabinet. One of my goals this week is to clean the top off.

Speech/feeding therapy with Diamond. Cai being silly.

Naptime over! Get me out, mom!

Playing :)

Silly face!

Supper - bacon cheeseburgers, veggies, and crab dip (for me).

Bath time! Avyn has to wear ear plugs because of his tubes. They are constantly falling out. Must try a different kind.

All the boys LOVE baths. The only problem is getting them out of the water!

Cai thought it was pretty cool that his boat floats.

Cai refused to eat at supper, got hungry later, and ate a few more bites before bed.

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