Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week in the Life: Tuesday Words & Photos

Made it through day two! I forgot to take photos of my favorite part of the day, at the park after Bible study, chatting with a friend while our kids played. The sun and breeze, children laughing, Sonic cherry limeade, so many good things about that hour! Here's a few of my favorite photos from the day in order from morning to night, and the Daily Sheets (remember you can click the photo to see a larger version).

Avyn's breakfast - he barely woke up in time to eat before we left!

Bible study - a special speaker shared about Passover

Chillin' in the van

Sonic - yum!

I hate self-portraits, but trying to take at least one a day.

Two favorite toys right now

More laundry

Ahh...the pacifier. Yes, he's 3 and still has one for nap/bedtime.

Messy room!

Clean room!

Avyn's side

Cai checking to see if Thomas was smiling - "Yes, he has a little smile, right there!"

Cai smiling for the camera :)

Supper - Cai actually liked it!

Avyn always enjoys his supper :)

Play-dough - making eggs and a nest like they did at church today.

Avyn's favorite activity lately, climbing up on the shoe shelf and locking the door, rearranging shoes, etc.

Sleepy boys :)

Until tomorrow - Keep Calm and Snap On!

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  1. Love the pics, Michelle! I saw Riah getting into things, too. ;) Thanks for sharing!