Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week in the Life: Completed Album!

Finally! I finished the album a week ago, but it took me this long to get photos and post everything. I LOVE the finished product, and I'm pretty proud of myself for the hybrid touches. It's a great sense of accomplishment having a finished project in my hands. My grandparents visited last week and they enjoyed paging through it too (at least I assume they did!). I learned a lot about myself, my memory-keeping habits, and our family life in general over this week, and hope to blog about some of my observations soon. But for now, let's get to the good stuff!!

The cover and title page. I used Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist to spray over the letter stickers to create the cover, then reused the stickers on the inside. Yep, I thought I was pretty clever.

Monday, page 1 - I used a page the boys had torn out of an old book to layer on my background. I thought the "Up! Up!" was appropriate for Monday morning! I used Sahlin Studio's Instagram Frames throughout for my photos (which I formatted on 4x6s and printed at Walgreens).

I journaled some each day on various cards, but decided to simply include the Daily Pages in a pocket, no sense rewriting everything. On that second page, I included a page of notes I'd jotted down while we were out and about, slipped behind some photos. 

For the last page of each day, I used a day of the week tag from Chic Tags with some baker's twine (from either W R Memory Keepers or Pink Paislee). For the first page of each day, I cut out a letter from some old 12x12 alphabet patterned paper I had, and then wrote out the day with my Smash pen. I also enjoyed using the baker's twine in other ways, like outlining journal lines!

I added little bits of embellishment hiding behind the Daily Pages, so you'd get a fun surprise when you pulled them out. I think it's fun, anyway.

See those cute, colorful doodled word strip things? I printed those out in black-and-white and colored them in with watercolor paints (from CD Muckosky's Happenings pack, she conveniently includes a printer-ready sheet). So much fun! The perfect crafty touch, and I found painting them very therapeutic. Double bonus! Oh, did you see the little tabs peeking out of the photo blocks? Those are On the Clock File Tabs from Chic Tags, and I used them several places where I tucked hidden journaling or photos.

More stuff tucked in pockets. And a cute baker's twine heart. My Tombo Mono Aqua liquid glue worked like a charm - love the fine tip on it. The duck and bubble stickers are from Jolee's Boutique. The journaling cards on the Thursday page (and elsewhere in the book) are free printables from Miss Tiina. The square pocket is from Secret Smash Pockets.

These journaling cards are from my stash. The letters spelling out Riah are from the same sheet of alphabet paper I used for the days of the week. The banner in the corner is from a sheet of Pink Paislee Soiree paper (actually all the scrapbook paper I used in the book, mostly for the Daily Pages pockets, is from that Soiree collection).

More baker's twine fun. Made my own banner with some Soiree paper fussy-cut into pennant shapes and a bit of green ribbon from somewhere. The clock is from On The Clock Icons by Chic Tags. And more painted words :). 

More pictures tucked behind. Some days I took more photos than others. "Do More of What Makes You Happy" and "Here's to the Good Life" cards from Chic Tags. And finally - DONE!

Monday, May 7, 2012

iNSD Aftermath

I feel like I spent HOURS in the gym over the weekend - exercising only my shoulders, arms, and hands! Never knew fingers could be so sore! Although it was a busy weekend for my family, I somehow managed to fit in plenty of shopping, scrapping, chatting and browsing for (inter)National Scrapbook Day. Although that really should be Weekend.
Here's a few of my favorite goodies from the weekend (linked of course, just in case you're not all shopped out yet ;)):

don't forget the matching A Wonderful Day papers!

Whew! I'm still not done shopping, I won a couple gift cards that I still need to spend. Yay! I also scrapped a few pages for various challenges, mostly with photos from my recent Week in the Life project. Want to see? Images are linked for full credits.

My sister had her second child, an adorable baby boy, on Friday! My first nephew!

Can you tell I had fun this weekend?! Thanks to my dear hubby Josh for watching the boys Sunday afternoon and evening so I could focus on scrapping. What fun that my favorite hobby has a holiday devoted to it! Did you shop or scrap at all this weekend? I'd love to see what you bought/made - link me up in the comments so I can leave you some love!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week in the Life: Sunday Words and Photos

Can't believe it's all over! I had a blast documenting our week, even though sometimes I forgot to take pictures, didn't write down EVERYTHING, and just got tired of it once in a while. I will definitely participate next year. Might even do this again in the fall, to see how our schedules/lives change in six months. I'm working on writing down my thoughts and things I learned during the week and through this process, and I'll share those thoughts in a couple days. Meanwhile, here's a few photos from Sunday:

Love when Josh can come to church with me

We attended the main service today, instead of the recorded Fellowship Hall one. Nice to mix things up every once in a while.

Sunday mornings are exhausting!

Hey there, sexy beast! ;)

Working on my daily pages. Nice wet hair.

A bit of our yard after Josh removed the boxes he had laid down to kill the crazy weeds. Worked pretty well.

More playing outside - definitely the activity of choice this week.

Riah enjoys watching brothers play.

Thanks for sticking with me over the past week! Hope you've enjoyed the peek into our lives, as crazy/boring as it is! I'll share my completed album when it's done. It's taking me much longer to edit and prep photos for printing than I expected.