Friday, April 27, 2012

Week in the Life: Thursday Words and Photos

Thursday over and still going strong! Yay me! I still keep forgetting to take any photos of Josh, but oh well. I am grateful for the photos and stories I am able to document. Here's a few of my favorite (unedited) photos from Thursday, and the daily sheets.

Playing Thomas the Tank Engine games with the boys after breakfast.

Coloring trains - at mommy's desk, of course.

Playing outside (lots of this today)

I took some fabric outside and worked on cutting out flower pieces while Cai played and the other two napped.

He sure enjoyed the frozen teething ring!

Avyn with Selina, his speech therapist.

Riah stealing a toy from Avyn and Selina.

More playing in the back yard.

Avyn walked what seems like miles, back and forth and around from front to back and around the garage.

Loading rocks in a box. So much for fancy toys!

The rocks.


"Take my picture!" Hearing this more as the week goes on :)

My very favorite photo of the week so far.

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