Friday, December 9, 2011

December Daily Day 8: The Good Day

Although it often seems that life with three little boys produces more stressful days than good ones, I truly treasure the happy, relatively peaceful days. Today all three boys slept at the same time in the afternoon, allowing mommy to sneak in a little nap, too, which hugely contributed to my happy feelings about the day! I also enjoyed snapping some (okay, a lot of) photos of Riah, he is so cute and photogenic! I love his happy smiles, they always brighten my day.

I wish I could create a (paper/hybrid) December Daily album like some of the ones I see linked up to Ali Edwards' blog posts, that are so incredibly creative and beautiful. Totally works of art. One year I will, I promise myself! This year, though, I'll be happy just to take my photos and tell a little story in my simple digital album - I'm proud of myself for just doing it!


  1. You should just be proud that you are making the time to take pics and hold on to the memories and they are documented. I too have 3 boys and they were all 3 and younger at one point all in diapers for a year! I am so grateful that through it all I scrapbooked (No way could I have pulled off a Dec daily) But the memories are there I just regret not journaling a bit more! Pat yourself on the back!! :)Hope you come over and visit our crazy 3 boys!!

  2. aww, thanks Heather! Most days my pictures are just quick snapshots, sometimes just camera phone pics, but I try to keep the camera handy to grab quickly when the boys do something cute, and not worry so much about picture quality. It is hard to find time to journal, though! That requires at least a few minutes to sit and think, which is pretty rare around here lol!!