Friday, January 21, 2011

Top Five on Friday

Hey, look, I made it on Friday this week! May this be the start of a long and happy tradition :D!
I decided to go for a pretty random Top Five list today. These are all things that made me happy this week, and who can't use a smile once in a while?!

1. I rarely buy templates anymore, because I have so many already and there are many available for free. BUT somehow Studio Basic at Mscraps keeps suckin' me in! Her template packs are always fresh and different, and each one is unique. Plus, I like the pretty colors she uses to color her templates - gray is so boring! This week's new release is an absolute must-have for me. I am in LOVE with all the frames/borders!

2. The Sara Scoop Double Daily. I had never heard of before today, when I noticed that Sara had included my post about digiscrapping on a budget in her "paper" today - it's in the digiscrap section of her online newspaper. Thanks, Sara! I'm going to have to check out this online newspaper-creation thing, it looks fun!

3. I love organizational stuff. Doesn't mean I use it, but I love browsing the aisles at Office Depot or Bed, Bath & Beyond and ogling all the cool storage containers, caddies, file systems, and desk trays. This post on has some great organizational eye candy, plus some great ideas, too! Maybe I'll actually put a few into practice in my walk-in-closet-turned-home-office!

4. What's your guilty pleasure? Mine is Cityville/Farmville on Facebook - I can lose hours a week (maybe a day... ssshhh) on mindlessly growing my empires. Everyone needs a stress-reliever, right?!

5. My last favorite thing today has nothing to do with the online world, and everything to do with what's most important in life - my family!! My oldest turned 2 yesterday, and while we have a party planned in a few days, we celebrated a little yesterday and let him open a few presents. Daddy and I gave him a play kitchen, set of toy food, and a Thomas the Tank Engine bedding set. He was absolutely thrilled with all of it, and has played almost non-stop with his kitchen since yesterday evening! Bedtime was also pretty smooth since he can now "sleep with Thomas"!

If you have a few things that are inspiring you today or making you happy, I'd love to hear about them!

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