Saturday, January 15, 2011

Top Five for Friday...on Saturday

I like the blog-world idea of doing a "top five on Friday" list. But between taking Avyn back to the doctor and still being sick myself yesterday, the list in my head never made it to the computer. So I'm sharing my top five on Saturday!

Ever heard of Kaboodle? Although it's famous for more traditional shopping "finds" like shoes, purses, or make-up, I love using it for my digital scrapbooking dream wish lists. If I see something I like when browsing a shop or "new releases" newsletter, I will usually "Kaboodle it" and then, when I have a few dollars to spend, I shop my wish list first. I have extremely limited digiscrap funds, and this also helps prevent impulse purchases. Sometimes when I review my list later I'll realize that a particular kit, while beautiful, really doesn't fit my style, or that I already have a similar kit in my stash. By the same token, if I'm still madly in love with a kit a few days or weeks later, and know that I'll use it, I'll give in and treat myself!

Here's my top five on my Kaboodle wishlist right now:

"Sketchbook" by Three Paper Peonies
I can't wait to scan in some of Cai's drawings to use with this kit. That pencil is too cute! I'm buying this one as soon as I finish this post!

"Snap! The weekly shots" by Maya de Groot
I'm considering this set for my Project 365 photos. I like the variety of photo sizes.

"The Story of Us" by Vera Lim
I like the color palette of this kit, especially the blue. I think it would be pretty to do some layouts of Josh and I - I still have so many engagement/wedding/honeymoon stories to scrap!

"Holiday Cheer" by Cinzia Designs
Who doesn't have holiday photos still to scrap?! I love the fresh, bright colors and doodley elements, especially the banner. I am so obsessed with all things pennant and banner...

"Blogging for Bliss" by Tara Frey
My last pick isn't a kit, but I think it could make a world of difference in my blogging and my creativity in general. I'm definitely buying this one - Amazon has it on sale for just $6.82!

Do you have a "top 5" on your wish list? Thanks for being patient with me this week while I fell behind. I've got some exciting ideas in store for next week, including a post about "single-tasking" and one about tips for digi-scrapping on a budget. Until then - happy scrapping, and enjoy your weekend!

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