Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week in the Life: Sunday Words and Photos

Can't believe it's all over! I had a blast documenting our week, even though sometimes I forgot to take pictures, didn't write down EVERYTHING, and just got tired of it once in a while. I will definitely participate next year. Might even do this again in the fall, to see how our schedules/lives change in six months. I'm working on writing down my thoughts and things I learned during the week and through this process, and I'll share those thoughts in a couple days. Meanwhile, here's a few photos from Sunday:

Love when Josh can come to church with me

We attended the main service today, instead of the recorded Fellowship Hall one. Nice to mix things up every once in a while.

Sunday mornings are exhausting!

Hey there, sexy beast! ;)

Working on my daily pages. Nice wet hair.

A bit of our yard after Josh removed the boxes he had laid down to kill the crazy weeds. Worked pretty well.

More playing outside - definitely the activity of choice this week.

Riah enjoys watching brothers play.

Thanks for sticking with me over the past week! Hope you've enjoyed the peek into our lives, as crazy/boring as it is! I'll share my completed album when it's done. It's taking me much longer to edit and prep photos for printing than I expected.

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