Sunday, March 11, 2012

When You Don't "Feel Like It"

Feel like scrapbooking, that is! Sometimes I'm just not "in the mood," even when I have the time. Which is definitely a travesty! But if I'm not feelin' the creative mojo, it's no use. Nothing good's going to happen in Photoshop. BUT - that doesn't necessarily mean I can't do anything creative or scrapping-related. Here's a list of ideas for the next time you find yourself mojo-less.
  • Gather up your cameras and smartphones and download pictures to your computer.
  • Organize photos.
  • Organize scrapbook supplies.
  • Clear out your downloads folder - unzip everything and put it away. I started keeping a "To Use" folder within my download folder, for those kits I don't want to forget to use before putting them away. Often it seems that kits disappear into my computer and I forget all about them, but I also don't like a cluttered downloads folder.
  • Pick out a template, kits, embellies, etc. for a planned layout. Create a new folder for this layout and copy materials you might want to use. Alternatively, create a text document and list what you want to use. 
  • Select photos for a layout (or several).
  • Write some journaling.
  • If you're having a hard time coming up with a story you feel like scrapping, scroll through your Facebook page to remember funny/memorable moments from the last days or weeks. 
  • Throw some stuff on a page and move it around.
  • Read a book.
  • Listen to some music. I like Spotify and Pandora.
  • Eat chocolate. 
  • Break out the paper-crafting supplies; cut, paste, ink and distress til your hands are messy and your mojo is rockin' again.
Another great way to get inspired is to read magazines, paper or digi. I write a couple articles a month for the DigiShopTalk Insider, and this month I wrote up a quick tip for adding cool lighting effects to your layout. Check it out here: Add Drama With Light to see how I turned this layout:

into this:

What are your favorite ways to track down and reclaim your missing mojo? How do you use those bits of time when you don't "feel" like actually scrapping, but want to "get something done" anyway?

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