Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grow With Love: Staycation - my experience so far

I bought Plant Your Story's Grow With Love: Staycation workshop about a month ago, before all this bedrest/hospital/baby worry stuff. I had high hopes of planning fun activities with the boys at home while daddy worked, then little weekend outings to the museum, park, zoo, etc. God had other plans, though, and I found myself on bedrest a couple weeks later. All summer fun plans put on hold. But I didn't want to totally abandon the workshop, either, so I've had to find creative ways to scrap some of the prompts. Here's a few pages I've completed so far, some before bedrest started, some after. I'll also include a brief summary of the prompt inspiring each page.

Prompt 1 summary: Take a photograph of a "detail" of this day, some kind of "memory residue."
I snapped a pic of the aftermath of a little nesting/cleaning spurt - a clean bathroom and (mostly) neat living room! My title explains that this is not a typical day for us :)
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Prompt 2 summary: Choose a single moment in time to document.
I chose naptime - one of my all-time fave times of day as a mommy!
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Prompt 3 summary: Scrap about your summer reading.
I read a lot, usually on my Droid while feeding baby, eating, taking a quick break, any time I have a spare minute. I enjoyed documenting the books I've read so far this summer, and I have plans to scrap a page about books still on my list to read, and about reading with Cai (who inherited mommy's love of books!).
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Prompt 8 summary: Capture fun, silly, water-play moments.
Yes, I did the prompts out of order! I especially cherish these captured moments, since I'm not sure when the next time is that I'll be able to splash in the pool just me and Avyn. Middle kids always seem to get the short stick. But I love that he's finally old enough now to sit up on his own and enjoy some water fun with mommy! This was a fun memory to scrap!
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Prompt 11 summary: Explore a local attraction, take a day trip, etc.
By this point I was on bed rest, so I lived vicariously through my sisters Lizzie and Becca and scrapped about their trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, somewhere we've all wanted to go since moving to San Antonio. Plus I had a blast using the amazingly fun kit Vintage Carnival kit by Sahlin Studio!
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Prompt 18 summary: Create a list using the word "Reasons" as your foundation.
I linked this page up in my last blog post, so I won't bother you with it again! 

That's all I have finished so far, but I have a couple of Staycation pages in the works, and ideas brewing for more. Some of the prompts I think I'll save for after baby's born, and we can do a little more in the cooler fall weather. These 100+ degree temps are just too brutal for anything more than pool or A/C! I do look forward to exploring more of this beautiful city and outlying areas, there are so many places I still want to take the boys: Children's Museums, the coast (just a couple hours away!), Landa park, various parks and pools around the city. Can't wait for cooler weather! Oh, yeah, and a healthy baby :)!

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