Saturday, August 6, 2011

Catching Up is Overrated

I've let this blog sit gathering dust for so long that the mere thought of trying to "catch up" sends my brain into a panic-induced coma. So I've been playing my favorite game - avoidance - for months. Finally today (in the shower, where all my most brilliant realizations occur) I decided that playing catch-up is way overrated. Who cares what happened two months ago? It's ancient history. So I'll just start with now.

Right now I'm on doctor-prescribed strict bedrest, and have been since July 25th. Baby Riah isn't due until September 23, which seems like forever. Since taking care of a 2 1/2-year-old and a 1-year-old while on bedrest is pretty much the definition of impossible, we have all moved in with my parents while Josh works 2 hours away. To add to the fun, a nasty cold has been working its way through the family, starting with me, moving on to Mom and Avyn, and flirting with my Dad and Becca. Hopefully we all survive the next few weeks. Although there are many things I can't do on bedrest (and it would be very easy to lay here and pour out a list of complaints, complete with whining and moaning), it's much better for my attitude and general stress level to focus on what I can do. I started a list last week using the Sticky Note app on my computer, and I add to it every time I think of something. Here's what I have so far - and if you have any more ideas, I would LOVE to hear them!

  • Photograph the people and activities around me
  • Scrap! (ZZS challenges, Sahlin Studio featured kit and template challenge, Mscraps new releases, Staycation class, Avyn's birthday, bedrest)
  • Write blog posts
  • Play Civilization 3
  • Learn about my DSLR
  • Read books
  • Make list of baby stuff still needed
  • Shop online for baby stuff and other stuff
  • Make friendship bracelets
  • Knot pearl necklaces
  • Look up (and then do) stretching exercises safe for bedrest
  • Organize digiscrap supplies
  • Purge digiscrap supplies
  • Organize photos
  • Make Avyn's birthday card
I also scrapped a page about ten reasons bedrest isn't so bad. 

I actually bought the kit I used specifically for this layout. I rarely have such a specific idea in mind when I buy something, but this kit was too perfect. Want to see? 

"Positivity" by Lauren Reid and Jenn Barrette (at The Lilypad)

See what I mean? Isn't that the most perfect kit for me right now? Full of timely reminders to look on the bright side, the cup is half-full, be positive, etc. I also used a template from Biograffiti, from her 10s List Temaplates set.
Here's two more layouts I've scrapped about bedrest:
I used the kit "Familiarity" by Karla Dudley, and a free template from the July Design House Digital blueprint challenge. And I have to brag a bit - Karla featured my layout on her blog for her Feature Layout Friday!! I feel special :)

I scrapped this page for a Scrap Orchard Make it Snappy challenge, using mostly "I'm Outta Here" by Captivated Visions (definitely one of my favorite kits recently). 

Well, even if no one reads this, I feel much better for having jumped back on the bloggy bandwagon. I have so much I want to share, and many more layouts! One of the best things about bedrest is the extra time for scrapping! 


  1. I read it! :) Actually have a few minutes to sit down in a quiet house tonight. You are home with your husband and the kids aren't home from work (girls) and youth activity (Tim). YAY!

  2. btw - I love the layouts and this post. :)