Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December Daily 2013, The First Half

As I sit on my couch tonight, drinking hot cocoa and watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, thinking over the month, I realize how very blessed we are. My problems and stresses, that seem so insurmountable as I face them every day, pale in comparison to what so many in the world, even close friends and family, are facing right now. We have a home, car, food, steady job, and even toys under the tree. It's been a rough year, but because God is with us, Emmanuel has come, it's all worth it. Every tear, every doctor visit, every dirty diaper, every lonely day. I'm so thankful for my longsuffering, sweet husband, and for our three crazy, amazing boys. Merry Christmas!!

Not technically December, but our new elf's arrival (christened Twinkle Thomas) is certainly a big holiday event! This new tradition has been a huge hit.

More journaling on the back of the Countdown card. For our Advent "calendar" this year, I tucked journaling cards into little 3x4 linen bags that my friend stamped with numbers for me. Each day we did something fun, a craft, small gift, or activity. Often Twinkle Thomas got involved, appearing with a new craft (or tangled up in it!) some mornings.

Journaling tucked on the red card about how much I love my Hallmark ornament collection.

Please excuse the leftover sticky note! 

By far my favorite part of the month, the few days my parents flew in to visit! An early Christmas celebration, children's museum, Santa's Wonderland at the train museum, and more precious memories crammed into a short six days!

Our movie's done, three adorably pint-size bikes are put together and hidden away, gifts have been magically relocated under the tree, and Twinkle Thomas' goodbye letter is printed, wrapped in tinsel, and stowed behind the tree. After all the other presents are unwrapped, the boys will find his letter, which will lead them on a scavenger hunt to find the bikes! I am so excited I'm not even tired and it's way past my bedtime. Time to sleep and wake up to Christmas! It may be a day late, but my boys don't care and what's important is we're together and IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Merry Christmas :)

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