Sunday, September 15, 2013

30 Lists, In the Middle

I intended to share my lists for the 30 Lists workshop weekly, but my computer's been having some health issues and it's been more or less out of commission the past couple weeks. I've finally got it patched up a bit, and now it's time to play catch-up with my blog. I'll also have Week 36 (?) of Project Life up in the next day or two. 
But today, my lists! I've been jotting them down every morning, in my few moments of peace before the kids wake up. I'm so glad I prepared my album and mini-kit ahead of time, I love having it all in that little bag and just flipping through it for the perfect journal card and maybe a sticker or sequin. I've kept the embellishing very minimal - I think the cards are pretty enough! After I finish my list, I snap a pic and post it to Instagram, where I usually end up browsing other participants' lists. Fun to see the different answers!

Day 1: What's new so far this year?

Day 2: Projects I'm working on

Day 3: Things younger me would like about current me (planning to add a selfie in the left pocket)

Day 4: Favorite time wasters

Day 5: Things I worry about
Day 6: Rules to break

Day 7: Today I see
Day 8: Childhood chores 

Day 9: Things that make me cry

Day 10: Memorable Gifts given and received

Day 11: Things my family taught me

Day 12: Things I love about this month

Day 13: Bad habits
Day 14: When Josh is home (adapted from the "weekend essentials" prompt)

Day 15: In my junk drawer

I've really enjoyed this workshop. I think I'll do it the next time around and just keep adding to this album, since it's loose-leaf. Or maybe add in other lists. Or whatever I feel like :). 

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