Saturday, August 31, 2013

30 Days of Lists, September 2013: My Journal

If you've never heard of this thing called 30 Days of Lists, well, it's exactly what it sounds like. Thirty days of list prompts, offered twice a year, by the creative gals over at the 30 Days of Lists blog. There's a whole community of fellow listers to inspire and motivate you, a private blog where ideas, giveaways, and daily prompts are posted, and a new-to-this-round private Facebook group. I'm also excited about posting my lists to Instagram (hashtag #30lists) and seeing other listers there, too.
The fun starts tomorrow, September 1st, and I'm all ready to go with my journal. I had this adorable Big Dreams Photo Journal kit from Simple Scrapper sitting around and decided this would be the perfect project for it.

And here's my album cover:

To set myself up for success, I pulled together everything I thought I might want to use in the album - printed-off 30 Days of Lists cards (included with purchase), the embellishments from the kit, a pen and mini glue stick, and a few extra labels, stickers, sequins and veneer from my stash. I'm pretty proud of myself. Going to keep it simple, and get it done. I tucked it all into this Timeless Beauty Bag from Thirty-One Gifts:

I don't have that much makeup, but I certainly have enough scrapbook supplies to fill a few of these nifty totes. Maybe more than a few. Priorities, people. 
If you're listing this month, too, share a link to your blog/Facebook/Instagram/wherever and I'd love to follow you. This project inspired my longtime friend Erin to resurrect her blog, LifeInk List Maker, and I'm super excited to read her words this month. Always thought-provoking. Or funny. Or head-scratching. Sometimes all three. She's pretty cool. 
See you back here next week for my next Project Life installment, and my first few lists!


  1. Head-scratching? :-) I guess there are occasions I go out on a limb most people wouldn't.

    I look forward to seeing your craftiness all month, too!

  2. Hah!! I meant the best sort of head scratching, of course!!