Wednesday, September 26, 2012


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Currently, I am...

  • Reading Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness and Satisfy My Thirsty Soul by Linda Dillow.
  • Writing in my new planner from Paper Coterie.
  • Playing Chefville on Facebook, and Words with Friends on my iPhone.
  • Watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix, and season premieres of my favorite shows this week. 
  • Trying to be patient, and remember that God created my children with their own unique personalities, and He chose me to be their mother.
  • Cooking another Pinterest recipe, Crockpot Pizza. Definitely a success!
  • Drinking a Coke my hubby brought home for me. So sweet of him!
  • Calling my mom, the WIC office, and my therapist.
  • Pinning these Whole Wheat Pumpkin Spice Latte muffins, this pretty Twinkle, Twinkle card, and the cutest DIY Instagram-inspired necklace.
  • Tweeting about contests to win craft supplies or pretty things. Which is pretty much the only thing I use Twitter for nowadays. 
  • Crafting in my Smash book, documenting our family trip to Indiana. A little hybrid, a little washi tape, lots of journaling on little note cards.
  • Scrapping a page about Riah and my dear friend Ashley's daughter Grace meeting and becoming friends, and how I wish we lived closer. 
  • Doing too much, never enough, cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, cuddling kids, playing blocks and trains, being a mom. 
  • Going to the grocery store, to counseling, to the park.
  • Loving my family. So intensely, dramatically, sometimes frustratingly, but always loving them. 
  • Hating how I always blame myself and pile on the guilt. 
  • Re-Discovering the joy of crafting with my hands, creating jewelry and papery stuff. 
  • Enjoying my son Avyn's language explosion, and his sweet, affectionate personality. 
  • Thinking about some advice I've received, and how perfect it is. 
  • Feeling tired, as usual. A little introspective. Sad about some things. Excited about new opportunities.
  • Missing my sister so much. She left Wednesday to go home and start a new job, across the country, and I don't know when I'll see her next.
  • Hoping for some time to reconnect with Josh this weekend.
  • Listening to an awesome Pandora station my sister shared with me, full of my favorite worship songs.
  • Celebrating Josh's birthday on Friday. 
  • Smelling coffee in the morning, every morning. Somewhere along the way I developed this habit that I have no desire to break. 
  • Thanking God for a precious two weeks with my sister. For my husband, who isn't perfect but who tries, and talks to me, and loves me unconditionally. 
  • Considering the future of my blogging and scrapping. Big thoughts, but just tumbling around in the back of my mind right now.
  • Starting a new job, working part time in the Childcare ministry at my church. 
My post today was inspired by a challenge issued by Ali Edwards, and I thank her for the inspiration to document a slice of my life right now - and I challenge you to join in!


  1. i miss my sister too. she's in ohio and i'm in washington. i saw her in july but i don't know when we'll be together next. it's so hard, especially with the holidays coming up.

    ps - thanks for sharing the pandora link. i need to investigate that site more.

  2. michelle - can you contact me at celestefsmith AT gmail DOT com? thanks! celeste