Monday, January 2, 2012

December Daily: The Final Post, Finally!!

Even though it's a few days late, I'm so proud of myself for actually finishing my December Daily! I have a pattern of getting super excited about a new project and letting it fizzle when I don't "feel" the same passion a few days later. I definitely hit that dry spell, but this time I pushed myself through it and continued to document our stories this month, even when I forgot to take pictures. Having most of the pages done in advance certainly helped! I'm considering using this format for other projects (baby album?) - setting up a bunch of coordinated pages using a template album ahead of time. Hmm... wheels are turning...

But for now, here's my final five December Daily pages! Thank you to those who have followed me on this blog journey (my family better still be reading these posts!), and I hope we'll have lots more fun journeys through writing and scrapbooking together in this new year. Have a happy and blessed 2012!

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