Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As my title obviously implies, this is a catch-up post! Our internet quit on Sunday, and although AT&T says it's fixed, it's not. So I've been visiting my parents a lot this week, which has the added benefit of built-in help with the boys :)! All the time I could get online was spent playing with the lovely, hilarious girls over at Mscraps and celebrating the store's first anniversary. The amazingly generous designers donated lots of prizes for about 20 different games and challenges, so I had no shortage of inspiration this weekend. Here's the pages I completed (and the coordinating challenge):

Challenge: Scraplift Chain
For this page, I scraplifted the person who posted before me, which was tj7933, and I chose her page "Christmas Gala 2010" if you want to go look at it. :)

Challenge: Finish Me Off
This was an interesting challenge - we were all given a .jpg scrapbook page and had to "finish" it, but without changing any of the elements already there. I like how mine turned out! Everything is from the Mscraps Birthday Blog Train collab (which you can still get - hurry!!).

Challenge: White Space Layout
Pretty obvious - we had to create a white space layout. This one came together pretty quickly, one reason I love white space pages!! I absolutely ADORE this kit, too - Sketchbook by Three Paper Peonies. How cute is that pencil?! (Almost as cute as the little boy in the picture, right? :))

Challenge: Topsy Turvy Template
For this one, the hostess gave us a mixed-up template (with the element spots, paper strips, and photo slots all jumbled up on the page in no particular design). The challenge? Use just the bits we were given, nothing extra, to create a layout! Fun and challenging! The papers and most of the word art on this page is from Happy Talk by Three Paper Peonies and designs by Anita. The elements are from all over - I really had to dig through my Mscraps stash for this one!

Challenge: Template #2
Sadly, I missed out on the first template challenge of the weekend because it ended yesterday, and I had no Internet. But I had fun with this one - we gave Avyn his first taste of "solid" food a couple days ago, and he was thoroughly unimpressed. Made for a cute page, though. If you've got a messy child, then maybe you need the kit Messy by Three Paper Peonies, too.

Challenge: Create a new siggy
It had been a while since I created a new forum siggy, so I whipped this one up just in time to enter this challenge. It's pretty simple, but I like it! Also, I got to use that super-cute Messy kit again!

Thanks for being patient with me this week - hopefully we will figure out this Internet issue soon. And I promise a post soon that's not just showing off my recent layouts! Do you have any ideas for topics or tutorials, or burning questions about scrapbooking that you think somebody ought to answer? I'd love to hear your ideas!!

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